Ventrilo Client Installation & Set up Guide

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Big announcement Ventrilo Client Installation & Set up Guide

Post  Vauxil on Sat Dec 20, 2008 1:25 pm

Ventrilo Client Installation & Set up Guide

Provided by Danartra [edited by Vaux—hope you don’t mind Danartra]

A Ventrilo Client is required to connect to and use the Ventrilo Server. The Client and Server software for Microsoft Windows/Vista can be downloaded from the following location:

Double Click the downloaded Setup program and follow the on screen prompts. Once you click 'Finish', your Client is installed.

To configure your client, you need to run it first. Double Click the Ventrilo Icon on your desktop, you will be asked if you would like to read the online tutorial, this is entirely up to you. If you click 'No' or once you have read the tutorial, you will have the Ventrilo Client software on your Desktop:

The first step is to set up a user.

  • Press the Arrow button to the right of the User Name box. Now click the 'New' Button and enter the User Name and click Ok.

  • If you are going to enable Text-To-Speech on your server, whatever you enter in the 'Phonetic' Box is what will be spoken when you connect to the Ventrilo Server.

  • The Description option is optional and the Work Dir should not need anything in it.

The next step is to set up the software to connect to your Server.

  • Press the Arrow button to the right of the Server box.

  • Click the 'New' Button, enter the Server Name and click Ok.

  • Enter the IP Address of the Server you wish to connect to, the password, and the port number in the relevant boxes and click Ok.

***For now, please contact me peronally for the Server Name, IP address, password and port number. I will forward the information to you via email or pm if you have an account in this forum.***

To setup the other client options, press the Setup button.

The option here you will most likely wish to change is the 'Use Push To Talk Hotkey” (PTT Mode) option. If you uncheck this box, your Microphone will initiate Transmit when you speak, (VOX Mode). You can also change the Hot Key that initiates Transmit in PTT Mode. The default Hotkey is [ctrl], you will need to assign different button that Shaiya does not block if you want to use PTT mode.

Once you have set all the options you require, click Ok.

Connecting to server:

  • If all of the server settings are correct and the server is running, you will see “MSG: Server is available. Please connect.” Go ahead and press connect to access the server.

  • If you see the message, “MSG: Contacting server.” Either the setup is incorrect, or the server is not running.

I will do my best to keep it running at all times, but the server is running off my laptop. Please be patient while I work things out on my end.

You have now completed your Ventrilo Set Up. Congratulations!

Hope this helps!

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