TJ's Pagan Guide

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TJ's Pagan Guide

Post  Tjatlarge on Wed Mar 19, 2008 10:41 pm

This guide is intended for NM pagan's only, can be applied to other modes, just use the appropriate build ratio
Pagans: The one's who control fire, earth, and wind for the Fury.

Skills: Will be added soon.
Builds: When people first enter shaiya, they're excited to lvl, and then they're hit with these 5 stat points and then they're like "OMFG WHAT DO I DO?" they go to the forums, look up some stuff, and figure out int is where their strength is. Now they're thinking "FULL INT, I'LL 1 HIT EVERYTHING IN MY PATH" WRONG! I've yet to see a person 1 hit 10 consecutive monsters (green) even with Blessing. So here I will give you the most common builds that will help you decide which route you shall take in the world of Shaiya.

PvP builds: Honestly as a NM pagan, pvp'ing should be off limits to you unless you feel that you just have to let out stress by killing a few Lighties.

*Rec build: full rec (if you intend on PvP'ing this is the one i would tell you to choose no matter what)

Pros: Won't die fast
Can take on more than a normal pagan could
Still have enough attack power to kill a physical person (i.e. fighters, rangers, archers, and defenders), especially since physical characters dont add wis, so they will have a small amout of resistance to magic damage.
Outside of PvP you can be a 1 man (or woman) aoe party.

Cons: Not a lot of mp, meaning that you will have to load up on wis/mp lapis
Same goes for int
Moderately slow leveling.

*Since a pagan gets 1 int per level this is not as bad as it sounds. This is the reason the game has lapis too.

Int Build: Full int (pvp with this one if you dare, stay out of sight, and wait to get one lightie alone)

Pros: Amazing damage
Parties will love you
fastest leveling
(sounds pretty good huh?)

Cons: Low defense and health (dire need of rec lapis)
What good is all that damage, when you can only use 2 spells (dire need of wis lapis)
Losing 2.5%-5% every time you take on more than you can chew.
Low solo leveling capability

Hybrid Builds: This is where you get to make your character semi unique.

Int/rec build: 3 int/2 rec (very common build) (same pros and cons with inverse ratio)

Pros: Nice amount of defense/health
Decent damage
Decent leveling

Cons: Not enough wis
Not as strong as full int
Cant tank monsters.

Int/rec/wis build: 3 Int/1 rec/1 wis (my build)

Pros: Decent Damage
Moderate health/defense
Moderate wis/mp
Moderate solo capability

Unorthodox Builds: These builds aren't bad (not all of them) but they make me laugh. (add 1 wis to these builds to get a moderate amount of mp) They do all rely on 1 lapis or another.

Int/luck build: 3Int/2luck

Pros: Decent Crit ratio (when a pagan crits, its
Decent regular spell attack power
Decent ratio for dodging crits

Cons: No rec= a dying pagan
No wis= a sitting pagan
Low solo leveling ability

Int/dex build: 3int/2 dex

Pros: Dodging like a sin
Moderate attack power
Moderate Solo Ability due to evasion ratio

Cons: No rec= a dying pagan
No wis= a sitting pagan

DEX BUILD: Full Dex (even with that much dex, it has been noted that no matter how high the dex, you will be hit more than you expect, making this build pointless)

Pros: High evasion
possible decent solo leveling ability

Cons: low attack power
parties will hate you once they notice you cant do as much damage as you should.
funny looks from that room full of int pagans.

Luck build: 4luck/1int or not int (if this ratio is changed this build can prove to be quite promising)

Pros: Every hit (pretty much) is a crit
moderate to fast leveling (with a party)

Cons: No rec= a dying pagan
No wis= a sitting pagan
Not too much of a damage dealer with such low rec (meaning when ever you dont crit, you will be hitting for a worthless amount)

Wis Build: Full wis (oracle wanna be)

Pros: Tons of MP
Won't need to sit as much as a regular pagan
thats about it

Cons: Can you heal yourself? no? dying pagan
Low solo ability

STR BUILD: full str (this one would be a disaster of a mistake)

Pros: you get to sit there and fight with your staff/dagger up close and personal

Con: Do i really need to type these?

Kiting/Kyting: pagans are not meant to sit there and hit the target and move on, they are suppose to hit, move, and repeat. Otherwise your spells will get interupted a lot, which can be quite frustrating.

Fin....for now, i wanna get on and play now.

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Tj's pagan guide

Post  Ivalise on Mon Jul 07, 2008 11:14 pm

Hey Tj! DO this thing already! I needs it! farao rendeer santa albino cherry sunny elephant afro lol!

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